My name is Philip Walmsley and I’m a Communication Designer who has been living and working in Vancouver BC for the last 10 years. I specialize in user interface and brand identity for mobile, web, and print. Creating thoughtful, usable and above all delightful experiences is my passion.

A quick overview: I attended the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. I’ve worked for social media websites, event and experience companies, and the largest mobile phone company in the world. I’ve designed elaborate event invitations, touch screen experiences and UIs from 1080p to 320x240px, comprehensive identities for Olympic pavilions and non-profits, content-rich websites and blogs, and a few rock-show posters. I’m not afraid to take on creative endeavours that may be outside of my comfort zone. Everyone I’ve worked for and every project I’ve poured my creative energies into has transformed me into the well-rounded, capable visual designer I am today. I’m also really into Steely Dan, border terriers, running, and coffee.

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