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Terrible UX 4





What monster thought spreading a photo slideshow across 25 pages would be a good idea




Terrible UX 1


This gem popped up today at work.

(Terrible UX: in which I post great examples of bad user experience and design)

Exclusive: Internal Videos Show Why the Microsoft Kin Cratered ➤

This is why user testing is important! I’ve been in these before (on the other side of the two-way mirror), and the stuff you learn from real, live people using your app is invaluable. And you feel like a CIA agent which is cool/weird.


The Play Button

Khoi Vinh made an interesting observation on his blog the other day regarding the play button for video content on the web:

I see this kind of thing a lot. As browser-delivered news integrates more and more multimedia, it’s been surprising how little editors, photographers and visual journalists pay attention to this particular detail. More often than not, the preview frame of the playable media is a headshot — just a person’s head and shoulders with a play arrow superimposed on top — and almost always unceremoniously planted right smack-dab in the middle of the person’s face. If you ask me it’s not just unflattering but it’s also frequently inappropriate, even if the subject is undergoing a colossal public shaming of the sort that Armstrong is experiencing.

He speaks about making better editorial choices in terms of the image shown, which make sense, but I think a better option is not to plop a button smack in the middle of the picture! At the top of the article! Reminds me of this hilarious screengrab from the London Games:

This would be a great Hallowe’en costume

It got me thinking about how some other sites treat their A/V content on the web. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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Photoset’s First Time Walkthrough

This is golden. Beautifully executed. Peter Vidani has assembled one hell of a team.


(ugh, there’s got to be a better way to display a gallery of photos in WordPress)

Firefox OS UX


As someone who deals with at least three different mobile UI toolkits in any given day (I work here), this post on the design principles of the as yet unreleased Firefox OS is neat to see. Looks pretty sharp, but doesn’t quite feel right yet: the icon design is a bit inconsistent, and the UI is sort of hovering between the digital flatness of Windows Phone and the skeumorphism (do a shot!) of iOS. Going in the right direction, though.

MozCamp Warsaw: Design Principles Behind Firefox OS UX 


Offscreen, a new-ish publication just came to my attention:

Offscreen is an “old-fashioned” magazine in high-quality print, exploring the life and work of people that create websites and apps. We want to tell the less obvious human stories of creativity, passion and hard work that hide behind every interface.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes. Buy it here.